About Us

Today almost everything is done on-the-go...

Whether it's in between meetings, commuting in the car or multi-tasking at a desk, we have just a few moments to express a thought or get a message out.

Voice opens up a new dimension of computing, and unlocks new possibilities for you. Avocado has been built for you to be on-the-go. Avocado is built for the world of voice. Voice opens up simple, effortless ways for people to interact. Sometimes that interaction happens in the course of work (collaborating, accomplishing tasks) and other time it happens in life.

Everyone needs an assist, sometimes.

The very point of being on a team is to accomplish more together than alone. We believe everyone does better with a little help, occasionally. Teams and teamwork are all about assists. We exist to bring a new type of assistance to the world, especially those who are always-on.

Avocado makes taking care of business quicker & simpler.

Life and tasks should be simpler and voice offers a new easier, faster, more personal & more accessible way to communicate, collaborate and get stuff done. We believe having a personal AI that relays tasks by voice, and serves as a voice command center is the beginning of the next layer of the Internet. It's a new, better way to achieve outcomes in business and life. That's why we aim to get Avocado into everyone's hands... & mouths and ears.

Avocado elevates your voice. Speak freely and productively.

Made for on-the-go moments Avocado gets your message out (with its full meaning and nuance). While Avocado makes messaging on-the-go effortless, it also makes managing tasks easier too. It enables you to do certain things (delegate work) with other people, that otherwise would only be possible having a human admin. 99% of the world doesn't have an admin. That's why getting your own Avocado, and everyone else also having their own Avocado unlocks value for everyone.

Communicate clearly and faster than ever possible before.

Avocado is the personal voice platform built to help you communicate and get simple tasks done with the help of a customizable AI. We call it 'shipping your voice.' So, we hope you'll ship your voice. Get assists. Express yourself - instantly. It's simple, faster and safer than screen-first messaging.

Join us

Our goal is to make Avocado a part of daily life. Are you inspired by voice? Come work on Avocado with us!